Don’t Look

The dial is located on her wrist for convenience. She wants to look. There is nothing else out here, blackness and cold glinting stars for all infinity. The wreckage has already drifted beyond sight, leaving her there, alone. Her slow and measured breaths form brief clouds against her helmet’s dome. The distress signal went out. […]

A Question of Importance

“Settler planet Grea has been decimated.” Birch nodded to the colonel and dismissed him. He folded his hands on his huge desk, stared down at the battle report. He reflected on the loss. Wars were fought on a planetary scale now. A colony had little effect on his plans — he would use the military […]


Cressela set the stained zither across her lap. She was not hunting for loose change today. Most people avoided the loading docks of this spaceport, especially this bay, scarred by fatal accidents among lumbering cargo cranes. She tuned the strings, then plucked out a chasing-ghosts song. Discordant notes draw restless spirits in. A whisper, a […]

The Conquest of Gliese 518-5B

Some men carry their nicknames with a sense of chagrin, others with weary tolerance. Captain Jerome “Stoneface” Tucker bore his with pride. His father had been a no-nonsense military man, as had his grandfather — and that man’s father before him. All had served bravely on the battlefields of distant wars fought long ago, and […]

Publishing Feedback

After you’ve read the stories, poems or posts here on GSF, please take the time to leave feedback, comments, or reviews on our Facebook page: Please be constructive when posting, and don’t forget to treat others with respect.

All Flesh is Glass

Their corpses spasmed under our autopsy lights, as they had while dying. You know the pathetic quaking of ants doused in bug spray. Their bodies held still only with the lights off. We examined them under radio waves. Optic fiber nerves sent signals throughout their bodies, carrying the dim light of electrical impulses. We’d committed […]

June 2012 Schedule

The June 2012 schedule of short fiction is as follows:   06 June 2012  –  A Question of Importance by Lian Ritch 13 June 2012  –  Don’t Look by Beth Cato 20 June 2012  –  Sequence by Michael Haynes 27 June 2012  –  Psyche Eval by J.R. Johnson   Bold text indicates the June Grand […]


You are cleaning out the basement after your parents have departed.   On your father’s workbench, a switchblade, wrapped in a weathered leather case.   Behind a stack of old magazines, a hatchet with something brown crusted on the blade.   There is a bin in the corner filled with bloodied blankets. And in the […]


Two projects moved up in priority, so GSF was delayed. The schedule will be adjusted. Marge Simon’s poem, Inheritance, will premiere this weekend. All contracts are out, so if you have NOT received yours, contact us straight away. For those waiting on the results of your submission, you should hear back by May 21 at […]

A Note About Querying

m4s0n501 We’ve had several queries about submitted stories. The biggest concern is the submitter thinks we will ignore any work that has even the slightest error. If you took the time to submit a story that is speculative in nature, is 1000 or 100 words in length (and a couple over/under is easily remedied with […]
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